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Our students at Edgar C. Harney Spirit of Excellence Academy in Central City had a wonderful time decorating drumsticks for "Sticking Up For Children." The drumsticks, to be signed by professional musicians, will be auctioned off soon, with part of the proceeds going to Make Music NOLA. For more info, check out this link: www.stickingupforchildren.com

Oct 17th 6:53pm • No Comments

What a FANTASTIC first day at KIPP! We are honored and proud to have eight new violin students. If this first class is any indication, they will be wowing audiences in the very near future!

Oct 10th 11:32pm • 1 Comment

"Music Helps Impoverished Children Perform Better in School", check out this great video on a recent research study! Harmony Project in the news again! http://www.voanews.com/media/video/2477413.html

Music Helps Impoverished Children Perform Better in School


Researchers have found that the brains of children who grow up in poverty process sounds differently from children who are better off. But a study shows musical training can tune the brain so that these children of poverty can better process what they hear. Elizabeth Lee has the details from Los Ang…

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